Clouds and Canoes

STILL dealing with painful ankle sprain – months later – waiting for MRI to determine what (more than a sprain) might be happening in the foot. So, enjoyed canoe trip from shore. Did manage to swim with some of the great youth who attended the Diocese of Ottawa Canoe adventure – week. Both female leaders… Continue reading Clouds and Canoes

Lenten days

Spring and baby, it’s cold outside. Lenten Study on Contemplation – group meets tonight at St. Mary’s, Navan, ON. I’ll be meditating at a distance. Recovering. Staying off sprained ankle.   Collect for Wednesday Third Week of Lent Give ear to our prayers, O Lord, and direct the way of your servants in safety under… Continue reading Lenten days


“I am the Lord your God… you shall have no other gods before me” Am I wholly devoted to God, loving with all my heart, soul, mind and strength? What other gods do I worship? My preconceived notions and prejudices? My rights and privileges? My vocation? My family? Myself?? Thomas R. Kelly, in A Testament of… Continue reading Devotion


Wednesday, March 1, 2017 is the first day of Lent. Lent is a time to prepare to celebrate our redemption and to renew our life in the paschal mystery, the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (BAS p.285) Lent begins with the imposition… Continue reading Ashes

Daily Prayer

Daily office prayers take some preparation: seasonal considerations, the lectionary propers, the readings. Daily prayer, however, doesn’t need such preparation. Praise and thanks, intercessions and confession, and daily, the Lord’s Prayer, any time. Prayers, of course, don’t even need words. I’ll post about Contemplation soon. A dear member of the parish Bible study yesterday mentioned… Continue reading Daily Prayer